Persian: قلبم با یادآوری آن روز فرو میریخت

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  1. aramesh Senior Member

    Persian: قلبم با یادآوری آن روز فرو میریخت

    Could you be so kind to check my translation of the above mentioned sentence?

    Does it mean:

    Remembering that day I felt worried (distressed).
    Remembering that day my heart was grieved.

    I'm definitely confused! :confused:

    Thanks in advance for your help,

  2. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    Recalling the events of that day was breaking my heart to pieces.
  3. sb70012

    sb70012 Senior Member

  4. .::Prince_of_Persia::. Member

    قلب is the Arabic equivalent for دل in Persian, hence you may see these words in many texts.

    "Recalling that day, my heart was breaking to pieces."

    Of course, literally فرو ریختن means "falling down" or "collapsing" or something like that, therefore the phrase in overall means recalling that day was difficult to bear by my heart or something like that.

    For breaking heart in Persian mostly we use the verb دل شکستن which is used mostly in romantic situations:

    He broke my heart = او قلب من را شکست = او دل من را شکست

    But by فرو ریختن I guess one means that something was unbearable from different aspects. Anyhow, in overall the translation seems right to me.
  5. aramesh Senior Member

    Thank you all for your kind help!
  6. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    I suppose, more idiomatic renderings might be..

    The mere thought of that day was stressing me out.

    The mere thought of that day was tormenting me.

    Recalling the events of that day was heart rending.
  7. aramesh Senior Member

    I would like to get back to this post because I usually find:

    قلبم فرو ریخت

    I presume it means something like:

    My hearth leaped up.

    Any help?

    Thank you in advance,

  8. colognial Senior Member

    Aramesh, could you put your sentence in some sort of a context for us? It would really help us know what the writer was trying to communicate.
  9. aramesh Senior Member

    The whole sentence is the following:

    در همین موقع بابا هم وارد شد قلبم فرو ریخت

    Thank you!

  10. colognial Senior Member

    با یادآوری آن روز قلب ام فرو می ریخت

    My understanding and suggestion: the narrator has had a harrowing experience, so much so, that whenever he or she recalls "the day", he/she has a sense of his/her heart giving way.

    در همین موقع بابا هم وارد شد. قلب ام فرو ریخت

    It is not possible to be sure of what situation the narrator finds himself or herself in from so scanty a context; nonetheless, I'd make a guess and translate as: Suddenly Dad, too, walked in. My heart was in my mouth, or ... my heart missed a beat, i.e. I was in dread of something.
  11. aramesh Senior Member

    I agree with your interpretation, colognial.

    I think that the narrator was scared, terrified by the sudden arrival of his/her father.

    Is this expression (قلب ام فرو ریخت) not so common in Persian?

    Thanks in advance for your kind reply,

  12. searcher123

    searcher123 Senior Member

    My home ;-) /The Persian Gulf
    The best definition was presented by Qureshpor. Normally we will say قلبم ريخت or in colloquial, قلبم افتاد كف پام. Suppose that you are alone in a room, merging in your thoughts. Suddenly, a person will say you: "Hi" from your back. Woow! You will jump up 3 meter surely. Now you can say:

    چه مرگته؟! اين چه طرز سلام كردنه؟ قلبم ريخت/افتاد كف پام!ا

    Another example:
    Suppose that there is a cake in your refrigerator. It is for your wife's birthday. No one can eat it to all of the gusts arrive, but you can not wait some more. You should take a piece now, but no one should see you during this work. You are completely aware that eat a little bit of it stealthy. Ok! there is not any person seeing you. With a complete precaution, you will open the refrigerator's door and put your finger on the cake. Suddenly your wife's sound is heard exactly from the back of your head: "What are you doing?"! I'm sure you can imagined the person's feeling at this situation. It is فروريختن قلب and the person can say:

    تا انگشتمو كردم توي كيك، يكهو زنم از راه رسيد و قلب ريخت/افتاد كف پام
  13. aramesh Senior Member

    Thank you for your detailed explanation...I felt like I was there peeping at the the guy with his fingers on the cake!!!;)


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