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    Please, what does “متلک” (matalak) mean exactly, and how do you use it?

    Please could you give some examples of usage in sentences?

    Best wishes, and many thanks,


    PS It was used something like this (I may have misunderstood some of the details as, of course, everything was in Persian): some Iranian friends are in a kind of club, and there had been a vote about whether or not to serve tea and biscuits etc.

    One of those who had voted in favour of serving the tea and biscuits said, “I noticed that those who voted against serving tea and biscuits are quite happy to indulge in (i.e. eat and drink with gusto) the tea and biscuits themselves!”

    Another friend said that this remark was a متلک. Do you agree?
  2. Aryamp

    Aryamp Persimod

    متلک = sarcastic remark, taunt
    متلک گفتن/ متلک انداختن = to make a sarcastic / snide remark aslo : to talk flirtingly

    Related : تیکه انداختن

    Examples :

    اگر به یه آدم چاق بگی خیلی لاغره و بیشتر باید بخوره بهش متلک گفتی= If you tell a fat person that he's so thin and needs to eat more, you've told him a sarcasm /taunted him

    مردم در قالب جوک متلک های زیادی به سیاست های دولت می گن = Through jokes people make a lot of snide remarks on government's policies

    بعضی آدم ها دوست دارن همش متلک بگن مثلا بگی کتاب زیاد می خونی فوری بهت به متلک می گن دانشمند =Some people like to quip a lot for example if you tell them you read a lot they call you sarcastically 'a scientist'

    پسرها به دخترها در خیابون متلک می ندازن = on the street boys talk flirtingly with girls / hit on girls
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    My home ;-) /The Persian Gulf
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    To Aryamp:
    Thank you very much - these examples are most useful.

    To Morteza:
    Thank you so much for the reminder - dear me, what has happened to this memory of mine:D?
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    My home ;-) /The Persian Gulf
    You are welcome my dear friend. پيش آمده، پيش مياد ديگه. Oh! I will took aging at last too ;) :D :D :D (a question please: my saying is a bad saying or an insult in English culture?)
  6. seitt Senior Member

    Better English: "Sooner or later it'll be my turn to get old too."
    No problem at all, it's perfectly okay amongst friends. I wouldn't use it with strangers, though.
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    My home ;-) /The Persian Gulf
    Thank you so much both for clarification and correction.

    I will be very pleased if one of our American friends say us about "calling a person old" in American culture too.

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