Persian: مرحوم مغفور شادروان

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    In the film پدر, the boy مهرالله returns to his village and visits his father’s grave. The inscription follows:

    مرحوم مغفور شادروان
    جسین عابری‌امل

    Have I transcribed it correctly?

    Please could you let me know where the extra kasres are?

    Re مرحوم مغفور شادروان, don’t all these mean the same (i.e. "deceased")? Why is the same idea repeated? Is it perhaps to express the wish that the deceased is forgiven? Excuse me if I've misunderstood, but I think that in Islamic theology you can only be sure that the prophets are in Heaven, but not ordinary people.

    I wonder if I have the name right – perhaps جسین عابدی‌امل is more likely than جسین عابری‌امل? What would be the exact pronunciation, please?

    Best wishes, and many thanks,

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    Yes, albeit it is آرامگاه مرحوم مغفور، شادروان حسين عابري عامل

    Yes,it do.

    That is just for curtsy. مرحوم mean "died", مغفور mean "forgiven by God" and شادروان mean "with a happy soul" (شادروان is a word such as آقا/خانم for alive people).

    You are right. As I said, that is just for curtsy.

    It is not so important. Both of عابري عامل (Aabery Aamel) and عابدي عامل (Aabedii Aamel) and event other combinations can be possible in a family name. Don't search for a meaning for a family name always. Many times you can not find a real meaning for them.
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    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    "marHuum" is one who is the object/receiver of God's mercy. In terms of marHuum-o-maGhfuur, although God's mercy and forgiveness is in the future for the deceased, those alive "assume" that it has already happened because the person is felt to be worthy of this. In a way, this is equivalent to "May God grant him/her mercy and forgiveness (and thereby make his soul happy)".
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    Thank you so much, truly most helpful.
    How interesting! Would it actually be incorrect Persian to speak of a dead person as آقا/خانم plus their name?
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    No it wouldn't, but it is not common.
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    Many thanks, excellent.

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