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    I've read in this website that an equivalent idiom to "a pig in a poke" is "مفت گرونه"

    Here you can read about the English idiom:

    Does the Persian idiom have the "exact" same meaning? and how do you use it?
    Also how is it pronounced exactly? (moft-o-gerune? moft gerune? moft-e gerune)?

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    My home ;-) /The Persian Gulf
    The exact meaning of مفت گرونه (Moft Geroone) or مفت نمي‌ارزه (Moft Nemiiarzeh) is "it is so worthless that you have got it so expensive even if you have got it free of charge!". So you can use it in the meaning of "a pig in a poke" too. For example:

    اوّلي: به نظرت اين لباس چطوره؟
    دوّمي: مفت گرونه!/مفت نمي‌ارزه!
    اينم بچّه است تو داري؟ مفت نمي‌ارزه!/مفت گرونه! اصلا به هيچ دردي نمي‌خوره
    مفت گرونه!/مفت نمي‌ارزه! چرا موقع خريد خوب نگاش نكردي؟
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    Thank you searcher, by the way, do you use the following idiom in "Tehrani dialect": مفتی چی گفتی?
    It is very widely used in southern dialects and means something along the line of: (for free? yeah, why not?)

    You say it when someone asks you, for example: do you want a cup of coffee (for free)? or maybe something of greater value, like if your neighbor wants to get rid of an old rug but asks you first if you need it, and you say: (of course I want it, why decline something free? > مفتی چی گفتی > there is nothing to say or complain about, it's very welcomed)
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    My home ;-) /The Persian Gulf
    You are welcome my sister.
    ‌No, I have note heard مفتي چي گفتي to now. But according with your examples, its equivalent in modern Persian is نيكي و پرسش؟. For example:

    يه فنجون قهوه مي‌خوري؟
    پاسخ: نيكي و پرسش؟ دستت درد نكنه

    اين قاليچه‌ي قديمي ديگه به دردم نمي‌خوره مي‌خوام بندازمش دور. مي‌خوايش؟
    پاسخ: نيكي و پرسش؟ اتفاقا در به در دنبال يكي مثل اين مي‌گشتم

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