Persian: من در تلاش آنکه نتابد نگاه را


Hey everyone,
I need some help figuring out the second line of poetry in the following Stanza

تو در هواي آنکه نگه آشناي اوست
من در تلاش آنکه نتابد نگاه را

Does the second line mean "I'm in the search of that (being) who doesn't avert the gaze" or does it mean "I'm in search of that (being) which the gaze cannot cause to turn (control)".

Thanks. The former resonates better with me
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    I'll do both.

    Thou hast a desire for one whom your gaze is intimate with
    I am in search of one who won't turn his gaze away from me

    So, your first understanding is correct.
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