Persian: مکه مکرمه – هماکنون

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    Please, what does مکه مکرمه mean? A programme was interrupted briefly to show the Black Stone at Mecca, but I don't understand whatمکه مکرمه means at all. Any kasre between the words at all?

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    My home ;-) /The Persian Gulf
    مكّه (= Mecca) is a city in Saudi Arabia that Ka'be, the keblah of Muslims, is placed on it. مكّه is a holey place because of Ka'beh and according with Islamic laws is a safe place for every one, so we will call it as مكرّمه that means 'honorable'. Your full phrase is مكّه‌ي مكرّمه that is pronounced as Makke-ye Mokarrameh.

    Black Stone or حجرالاسود (Hajarol-Asvad) is a stone in Ka'beh that had been sent by God from heaven to his eminece Ibrahim (God send his hi to him), a God's messenger, to mounting in Ka'beh.

    مكه‌ي مكرّمه- هم اكنون means 'Honorable Mecca - live'.
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    Many thanks, excellent explanation.

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