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    Please, how do you usually pronounce the word نظاره‌گر in Colloquial Persian? In particular, is the first syllable with a short A or a short E? Dictionaries seem to have both.

    What exactly does it mean and how is it used? Does it have the idea of someone who just sits there and looks on at something without doing anything about it even if he should?

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  2. darush Senior Member

    It is:/nezaaregar/, a formal word. I mean, has no Colloquial( pronounciation) counterpart
    I didn't understand at last, how accents work in Farsi dictionaries.
    bit(computer memory): بِیت :confused:
    beyt(poem): بَیت :confused:

    Yes. or not to be able to react
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  3. rubidou Member

    So would that be the Farsi version of someone who "stands there like a stuffed dummy?"
  4. darush Senior Member

    Maybe, but not exactly.
  5. rubidou Member

    Hm, I thought I had replied ... the post seems to have disappeared.
    Ok, once again: Thanks for your answer, darush. The definition of نظاره‌گر somehow reminded me of the German term 'Ölgötze' (which may be translated as 'stuffed dummy', but stems from a completely different imagery). I will have to ask someone who is fluent in both German and Farsi for clarification. But thanks again.
  6. darush Senior Member

    Hi rubidou:),
    نظاره کردن : To behold, to watch
    نظاره گر : One who beholds

    I think these are some Farsi equivalents :

    - to stand and watch like a goat
    - like a beet; without soul, not active
  7. seitt Senior Member

    Many thanks, excellent.

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