Persian: نفس شمار به پیچاک روزگار خودیم


Hey everyone,
I came across this line of poetry by Iqbal. I'm wondering if you can help me solve this

نفس شمار به پیچاک روزگار خودیم
مثال بحر خروشيم و در کنار خوديم

I'm okay with the second line, but regarding the first, are the first 2 words نفس شمار a compound (a breath counter)?
My rough translation for this is " A breath counter in the twists for the time of the self we are". I apologize if my translation is coarse. I'm just trying to piece the words right now.

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  • Ali Smith

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    Could you please provide the source? What is the name of the poem? Could you also provide more context?