Persian: چطوره

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  1. calame Senior Member


    I'm learning persian and I don't undestrand the construction of a phrase in my handbook :

    چطوره بریم فروشگاه ؟

    Why do this phrase use چطوره ? Don't this expression means "How is it", with چطور for "how" and ه for the verb "to be" ? Can anybody explains me the grammatical construction of this phrase ?

    Thank you by advance !

    (I hope I don't mistake by creating a new topic, and my english is undestandable...).
  2. Treaty Senior Member

    You are correct on the literal meaning of چطوره. The full sentence would be چطور است که به فروشگاه برویم؟ = "how is that [if] we would go to the shop?" in a suggestive mood. Or rather it will be close to "how about going to the shop?".
  3. calame Senior Member

    Thank you very much !

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