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I am writing with a question about the meaning of the expression "کلید خوردن" which I found in the first sentence of this article from Kayhan about the registration of candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Iran ( The sentence reads:

روز گذشته با آغاز ثبت نام از داوطلبان نمايندگي در نهمين دوره انتخابات مجلس شوراي اسلامي رقابت بزرگ انتخابات مجلس كليد خورد

I am guessing that "كليد خورد" means something like "keyed up" (i.e. a quick increase in tension), "took place," or "took off," but I am not sure. My translation of the sentence is thus:

"With the beginning of the registration of candidates for elections for the ninth term of parliament in the past days, intense competition in the parliamentary elections took off."

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    You got it right. I am under the impression that this compound is a "persianized" substitute for "estaart zadan/xordan" which refers to starting up cars but for some reasons unknown to me it is used in the press in the sense of taking off or starting. I would never use it but this is a highly personal viewpoint. synonyms: dar peyvastan, dar nehaadan, aaghaazidan, shoru' kardan/shodan etc.


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    Figuratively when an action or activity is going to be started it کلید می خورد
    Specially in competitive issues like elections or sports


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    کلید شدن means to lock
    کلید خوردن means to unlock & therefore to open, in effect it means to start but with a difference, it is used for ‘start’ of events that don’t have a fixed start but their ‘start’ depends on start of another event, کلید خوردن is not used for school term starting or start of new year.
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