Persian: ی vs ي


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Hi all. How to distinguish ی from ي in writing?

Two examples:

پیداشون It has ی
پيداشون It has ي
هستين It has ي
هستین it has ی

Thanks in advance.
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    ی without the two dots is used when the letter is written by itself or at the end of a word. At the beginning of a word or in the middle, there are two dots.


    ي (isolated letter with two dots below) is used in Arabic.


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    In modern Persian spelling it loses the two dots in word-final position, though this is not necessarily the case in old manuscripts. In Arabic, practice differs from country to country.


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    The "ي" mostly can be found on computers with Arabic fonts. ("ي" is not available in Persian fonts).
    The "ي" is not being used in daily Persian writings.
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