Persian: 5 ezaafee's make me breathless

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    The following sentence is excerpted from a text of my book. Five ezaafee’s in a run make me breathless no matter listening or reading or speaking. Is it natural to native speakers?

    حالا من دانشجوی سال اول بخش زبان فارسی هستم .

    Will native speakers possibly make 7-8 ezaafee's in a run? :eek:

    Thank you!
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "breathless" you mean you can't say it because you run out of breath?

    Maybe you're considering "Ezafe" as a sort of "slur" if we use musical analogy. But you should consider it more like a part of the word which precedes it. You can simply stop to catch your breath after each word (wherever you feel the need to do so) and it doesn't matter if there's a "ezafe" .

    hâlâ man dâneshjuye sâle avvale bakhshe zabâne fârsi hastam

    As you can see in my transliteration I've integrated "ezafes" into the words and now it's more like several separate words rather than a sort of "slur" effect which makes you say it all in one go.

    But if you mean you don't know how to process it in your head well I guess it's like any other big nominal phrase, I mean in English also sometimes such noun clusters get ridiculously long. Understanding smaller parts within the nominal phrase will help greatly with understanding the whole thing, for example in that phrase "دانشجوی سال اول " is something I've heard over and over again so instantly I know what it is, also "زبان فارسی" is a very definite thing to me, so the processing load is significantly reduced because I only have to deal with this structure : من A بخش B هستم. in which A and B are already very familiar to me. So try to break down such long phrases into shorter segments and then as you get more comfortable with such common smaller phrases you'll understand the bigger ones better as well.
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    Thank you very much for your advice.

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