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    What is the function of the below words in Farsi sentences?

    e.g. Az kodam...
    Az amokhtane....

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    Hi, again, Ben!

    Az can function as any of these words: 'of', 'than', 'from', 'through', 'by'. It suggests distance, comparison, through and outward.

    Az dast daadan baa farde beemaar khoddari konid. (Avoid shaking hands with the sick person/patient.)
    Az panjere negaah kardam. (I looked through the window.)
    Natars az man! (Don't be afraid of me/Don't be frightened by me.)
    Oo az man boland tar ast. (He is taller than I am.)
    Az kodum/kodaam raah aamadi? (Which way did you come?/which route did you take?) Note: Kodaam is more formal than kodum.
    Az aamookhtane zabaan lezzat mibaram. (I enjoy learning languages.)
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