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    What is the function of the below words in Farsi sentences?

    e.g. Ba kodam.....

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    Hi, again, Ben!

    Baa means 'with', of course, but it can also be understood as the equivalent of the word 'by'. I would say it has almost exactly the same function as its English equivalents.

    Baa kodaam dast chiz minevissi? (which hand do you write stuff with?)
    Baa man biaa. (Come with me.)
    Baa maa baash, na bar maa. (A coined phrase, used to call on the powers that be to not dictate to the people but to take their cue from the people: Be with us, not above and against us.)
    Baa maashin miram sare kaar. (I go to work by car.)
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