Persian: bayn al-melali, jahaani

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I heard an interview in Persian on TV and tried picking up new expressions I didn't know.
I think I heard the expression:
bayn al-melali / بین امللی

Given that:
bayn = between, among (word of Arabic origin)
al = definite article in Arabic
melal (plural of melli / ملی) = nations

My guess is that the expression literally means "between nations" but should be translated in English with word "international".
Do you agree? And if so, what is the difference with jahaani / جهانی?

I know I should provide some context, but I really don't remeber the complete sentence (I didn't write it down); I can tell you that the subject was politics in the Middle East, the geo-political scenario etc.

  • Alijsh

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    Yes, beynolmelali (also pronounced beynalmelali) means international (inter[beyn]-nations[melal]-al).

    jahâni means global, world-wide; related to world. I think you can distinguish difference based on their usage in English. Some examples:

    negarâniye jahâni: world-wide concern
    jâme jahâni: world cup
    qarârdâde beynolmelali: international convention

    Hope this helps. If you needed more examples, write me their English.
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