Persian: Cheghadr shabiye mamaneti!..

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    Can you break it up word by word (and perhaps provide a more accurate transliteration)? My Persian is weak, so I don't know how make heads or tails of some things (Urdu influence).


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    چقدر شبیه مامانتی. خیلی خوشگلی
    cheqadr shabih-e mâmân-et-i. xeyli xoshgel-i.​

    cheqadr - how much (literally: che: what; qadr: amount)
    shabih - similar, alike
    mâmân - mom, mother
    xeyli - very
    xoshgel - beautiful

    -et is personal suffix for 2nd person singular (informal you). When attached to a noun, it plays the role of possessive adjective. mâmân-et: your mom/mother

    -i is here the ending form of verb budan (to be) for 2nd person singular (informal you). xoshgel-i: you are beautiful
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