Persian, Dari, Tajik: Most "Inclusive" Name for the Language


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I realize even in this forum separate names are used for Dari and Persian, but what would be the most "inclusive" name for the Persian language? That is to say, what would I say if I wanted to refer to the all three varieties of standardized Persian?

For example:
To refer to the Hindi and Urdu languages, one could use the word Hindustani. (Written as either हिन्दुस्तानी or ہندوستانی, in those languages.)
To refer to the Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian languages, one could use the word Serbo-Croatian (although there are alternatives). (Written as either srpskohrvatski or српскохрватски, in those languages.)
To refer to the Kurmanji and Sorani languages (and/or dialects), one could use the word Kurdish. (Written as either kurdî or کوردی, in those languages.)

I have heard both Dari and Tajik referred to as varieties of Persian before (hence my use of the word in the first paragraph), and that they have different names for nationalist reasons; although, that's not to say that there aren't substantial differences.

I ask because I want to know how to label the folder for resources/stuff for reading for this language (should I ever get around to actually learning any that is) in its native scripts. The folders for the languages mentioned above are labeled as Hindustani (हिन्दुस्तानी-ہندوستانی), Serbo-Croatian (srpskohrvatski-српскохрватски), and Kurdish (kurdî-کوردی), respectively. Might Persian (فارسی - форсӣ) be appropriate? Since Dari and Farsi (i.e., the variety of Persian the write in Iran) share Perso-Arabic script need I differentiate? Does the term فارسی refer to the Persian language in general in both Dari and Farsi varieties? That is to say, I'm assuming that دری‎ refers to Dari specifically, and فارسی refers to the Persian language in both varieties. Meaning I wouldn't have to title the folder Persian (فارسی‎ - دری‎ - форсӣ)?

Also, форсӣ is the word for the Persian language, while тоҷикӣ refers to the variety spoken in Tajikistan specifically; correct?
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