Persian: Digar amry nist? دیگر امری نیست؟

Haji Firouz

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Could you comfirm please if this translation is correct?
/Digar amry nist/ / دیگر امری نیست؟
Any other order?
Does /amry/ mean 'order'?
Also, is it a polite expression?

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  • PersoLatin

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    Persian - Iran
    Digar amry nist/ / دیگر امری نیست؟
    This is a polite way of saying: “is/was there anything else I can do for you?” e.g. a shopkeeper will say this after getting a few items a customer has asked for/ordered.

    Yes امر or فرمایش which is interchangeable with it, means order, the final ی means some/any.
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