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    how can I say DNA in Farsi?

    I can't find it anywhere. I'm starting to guess iranians just use the English word.....
    And in that case, how would they write it in farsi?? the letters dal, nun, alef? Do they put a period in between letters? Come to think of it, I have never seen abbreviations in Farsi...I have no clue what they look like..

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    Normally we use "DNA". But if the lithography don't handle it, we use دی.ان.اِی
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    OK. So ...would it be correct to translate 'traces of horse DNA' with : meghdarkam haye DNA ye asbi? (Sorry, i'm pretty sure the word I found for 'traces' is wrong here, but it was the best I could find..)
  4. Treaty Senior Member

    trace = asar. (pl. aasaar, asaraat)However it can be confusing since اثر may mean indirect trace or sign.
    small amount = meghdar e kam (pl. maghadir e kam).

    اثری (آثاری، اثراتی) از دی.ان.ای اسب
    - asari (aasaari) az DNA asb. (you don't need to put "i" after "asb")
    مقدار (مقادیر) کمی دی.ان.ای اسب
    - meghdar (maghadir) e kami DNA asb.
    - meghdari (maghadiri) kam az DNA asb.
    Although it is less formal, you just can say:
    کمی دی.ان.ای اسب
    kami DNA asb.
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    kheyli mamnun Treaty :)

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