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    What is the function of the below words in Farsi sentences?

    e.g. Emruz chandom e ma e

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    Hi, again, Ben!

    The e has two functions, and two distinct meanings. In the example provided, the first e, known as a 'kasre', stands for 'of'. Since chandom means 'which ordinal number', translating you would have: 'which day of the month'. The second e is just the short, colloquial form of ast = is. So you get 'today is which day of the month?' By the way, the word for 'month' in Persian is 'maah', with the h sound pronounced properly.

    Other examples:
    Doostet ki e? (Who's your friend?)
    Ketaab e mano bedeh. (give me my book.) Note: In Persian there are no possessive adjectives. So for 'my book' we use the equivalent construction 'book of mine', where the word for 'mine' is identical with the word for 'I' and 'me' = man. Second Note: Mano breaks down into man+o, the o sound being a substitute in spoken Persian for 'raa', the (meaningless) article used after a direct object.
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