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    I think you have 4 ways of saying “everything”:
    هر چیز
    هر چیزی
    همه چی
    همه چیز

    Are these all exactly the same, or is there a difference in their usage?

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  2. darush Senior Member

    هر چیز= any thing
    هر چیزی:
    equal to 'any thing', a little bit emphasized, expected to follow by که

    همه چیز = all thing(s) = همه چی
    چی:infml. shortened form of چیز
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  3. darush Senior Member

    چی: also colloquial چه
  4. darush Senior Member

    Matter is everything around you:تمامِ چیزهایی که/هر چیزی که (در) اطراف شماست، ماده است
    Matter is anything made of atoms and moleculesهر چیزی که از اتم و مولکول ساخته شده باشد ماده است
    Matter is anything that has mass and takes up spaceهر چیزی که/هر چه جرم داشته باشد و فضا(را) اشغال کند ماده است
  5. seitt Senior Member

    Thank you so much, a wonderful answer!
  6. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    Simon has asked a good question (for a change!:))

    How does one know for certain whether one should read "everything", "anything", whatever, all things etc in such constructions? Is there an easy way out? Let me illustrate my question with some equivalent examples.

    chiiz kih

    aab kih
    az sar guzasht, chih yak nezah chih sad nezah


    chiizii bi-xor, chiizii bi-dih, chiizii bi-nih

    chiizii kih

    tiirii kih az kamaan biruun jast, baaz namiigardad

    har chiiz

    har ruuz 3iid niist kih Halva xorad kasii

    har chiizii

    har varqii daftariist ma3rifat-i-kirdgaar

    har chiizii kih

    har jaa'ii kih sang ast, ba-paa-ye-buz-e-lang ast

    hamah chiiz

    chiraa miiguu'ii kih xudaa hamah-jaa Haazir ast

    hamah chiizii

    garchih siim-o-zar zi sang aayad hamii
    dar hamah sangii nabaashad zar-o-siim

    hamah chiiz-haa

    agar insaan raa qudrat buudii, hamah kaar-haa baraaye xud bihtar kardii

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