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    If someone is putting pressure on you, you will say something like the following:
    Give me some space! / All I need is just a bit of space.

    In the USA they often say:
    Gimme a break, will ya?

    Please, how can I say these things in Persian?

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  2. Treaty Senior Member

    There are a few examples:
    می شه (لطفاً) راحتم بزاری؟ (آیا می شود مرا راحت بگذاری)ـ
    ـ(لطفاً) راحتم بزار!ـ
    ولم کن [ kon]
    دست از سرم بردار [ = my head]

    However, it depends on the situation, especially the relationship between the people. In my examples the pressured person is either higher or similar in position. Otherwise, they may be really annoyed to say this. There are numerous expressions in different cases. They can be also direct or indirect. You'd better wait for others to mention them, I'm not very skillful in formal situations.
  3. seitt Senior Member

    Many thanks, excellent.
    What happens when the pressured person is lower in position/status (or believes that he is)? E.g. what might a small boy say to an older, bigger school bully who he is afraid of? The English might be, "Please give me a bit of space here, I promise I'll give you the money when I get the opportunity."
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  4. searcher123

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    My home ;-) /The Persian Gulf
    Exactly the same, just with much more emphasis (and albeit with anger):
    دست از سر كچلم بردار

    يه كم بهم وقت/فرصت بده، دست و بالم بازشه اين پولو بهت مي‌دم
    يه كم دندون روي جيگر بگذار، در اولين فرصت اين پولو بهت مي‌دم
  5. seitt Senior Member

    Thank you so much, excellent.

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