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  1. Mohammad777 Member

    I'm looking for the best Farsi equivalent for "hard of hearing" (adj). I've found سنگین گوش، گوش سنگین، نیمه شنوا، گران گوش but I don't know which one is used frequently by Farsi speakers in informal, everyday conversations. which one is better?
  2. colognial Senior Member

    Hi, Mohammad777! Persian speakers in Iran normally say (my) ears are heavy. having said that, I think I should point out that I've never heard goosh-sangin used as an adjective made up of the two words; rather, it's normal to use the heavy ear idiom in a sentence construction, e.g. پدرم گوش هاش سنگینه.
  3. Mohammad777 Member

    Hi, colognial. Thanks for tour comment, unfortunately I have to use and adj for this expression and I'm stuck between these forms.
  4. sb70012

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    My father is quite old now and he's increasingly hard of hearing.

    پدر من خیلی پیر است و شدیدا مشکل شنوایی دارد

    Hard of hearing

    درسته که صفت است ولی در ترجمه بهتره که از واژه "دارای مشکل شنوایی" استفاده کنید

    میدونید چرا؟

    چونکه اکترا بعد از افعال
    to be
    قرار میگیره
  5. Mohammad777 Member

    ممنون، من مشکلم دقیقا همینجاست
    این عکسه فردیه که مشکل شنوایی داره و توی دستورالعمل نوشته که حتما به صورت صفت ترجمه بشه
    به نظر خودم هم هیچ کدوم از این صفات جالب نیستن
  6. sb70012

    sb70012 Senior Member

    من کلا گیج شدم و منظورتونو متوجه نشدم
    شما الان دنبال چی می گردید؟ لطفا با یک مثال در داخل جمله سوالاتونو پست کنید
    یه متنی، جمله ای چیزی به ما بدید که در کجا می خواهید به کار ببرید
    یا سوالتونو یبار دیگه واضح تر بپرسید

  7. colognial Senior Member

    You could use the adjective kam-shenavaa. It may not be very common, but it is not bad Persian, and it does convey the same sense as 'hard of hearing' does in English.
  8. sb70012

    sb70012 Senior Member

    Excellent reply:thumbsup:
    I do agree with this. کم شنوا is what you are looking for
  9. Mohammad777 Member

    thank you all for your great help. I think کم شنوا is the best answer

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