Persian: how to make "آتاک" a verb

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    I was flicking through a Persian-Chinese (PC) dictionary yesterday. I started with the words with "alef". It seems that there are way less Persian verbs in dictionary than those in English dictionary.

    For example, the PC only indicatesآتاکis a noun, but there is no any verb with the stern in the following words in the dictionary. This is quite unlike English dictionary. If I look up a word- valid in an English dictionary, the next word after "valid" would be "validate".

    Is there any rule make a Persian noun to become a verb?

    For example, I attack him. Do people still use آتاک to say this sentence?

    Thank you!
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    Hi ,
    In Iran we don't use such a word (آتاک) * and instead we say حَمله = attack (n) , some dictionaries do not include the compound verbs which are constructed by having a noun + an auxiliary verb (=most commonly کردن and شدن) :

    To attack = حمله کردن = حمله + کردن

    As you can see the verb کردن makes a verb out of a noun , that combination literally means something like : to do attack
    Online dictionaries such as or include many such verbs **.

    شدن is used to make the passive tone:
    To be attacked = حمله شدن = حمله + شدن

    *I assume it's either used in Afghanistan, or perhaps it was used formerly in Iran but now it's certainly out of date and I've never heard of it in my life anyway.

    ** for example if you look up valid you'll get معتبر and then validate : معتبر کردن
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    Thank you very much for your thorough explanation.
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    You are absolutely right to say that Persian has a lot fewer simple verbs than most languages. But it compensates for this by having lots of compound verbs formed from a noun (often Arabic) plus kardan or shudan.
  5. Also : هجوم بردن
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    Thank you very much for your comment, Fdb and IMANAKBARI.

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