Persian: I cut my hand.

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    This is courtesy of Morteza:
    ديروز دستم بريد، رفتم بيمارستان. سرپايي پانسمانش كردند.

    Would it be wrong to say, “دستمو بريدم”? This would be closer to the English, but maybe it's not as good and idiomatic in Persian?

    Ah, could “دستمو بريدم” imply that someone cut his hand deliberately and not accidentally?

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    Yes, you can use it provided that you yourself cut your hand (no matter it is deliberately or accidentally). They are the same (maybe this one (دستمو بريدم) is a little more common.:D).
    Remember you can't use all expressions like this as it's used in English. I mean for example "I broke my leg" is more common in English even if it is accidentally but in Farsi we ususally say "پام شکست".
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    No it is not wrong.

    If you say دستمو بريدم, you yourself have cut your hand deliberately or accidentally.
    If you say دستم بريد, your hand is cut more accidentally, but the doer is unknown.
    If you say دستمو بريد, your hand is cut by another person or a sharp object deliberately or accidentally.
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    Many thanks, all sorted now.

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