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    Have I heard correctly, please? I think I've heard a very interesting way to express the idea of paying someone:

    First of all, the man moving house, instead of letting Karim go after Karim has taken him to his new house, says to Karim:
    اینو بگیر، حساب می‌کنیم!
    “Take this, I'll pay you!”

    In the end, Karim gets fed up with being treated like a general dogsbody and says:
    آقا، حساب منو بده برم دیرم شده!
    “Sir, pay me and let me go, I'm late!”
    Btw, could he also have said correctly, "حسابمو بده"?

    Is my Persian and the translations correct, please?

    Best wishes, and many thanks,

  2. searcher123

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    My home ;-) /The Persian Gulf
    اينو بگير، حساب مي‌كنيم is correct, but its meaning will be changed according with the scene!

    If the man is paying money to Karim when he said so, that mean: take this money as a prepayment and I will pay you full next.

    If the man is giving a box to Karim to move it to upstairs, that mean: first of all complete your duty and when all the work ended, we will talk about your pay.
    Yes, you can say حسابمو بده instead of حساب منو بده too.

    Other possibilities:
    آقا پولمو/مزدمو بده برم ديرم شد
    پولمو/مزدمو حساب كن برم ديرم شد
  3. Masoud New Member

    yes, your translations are correct. and حسابمو بده is also correct and they have the same meaning. good luck!
  4. seitt Senior Member

    Many thanks to you both - I think the exact meaning of اینو بگیر، حساب می‌کنیم! is clearer now.

    My suggested translation: "Take this (to the place I want you to take it) and then we'll settle up."

    I imagine that even if Karim was the one who was going to pay the other man (e.g. if the man had given him an advance that turned out to be higher than the agreed value of the work done by Karim), the other man could still have said, "
    اینو بگیر، حساب می‌کنیم!", couldn't he?
  5. searcher123

    searcher123 Senior Member

    My home ;-) /The Persian Gulf

    Yes, he could.
  6. seitt Senior Member

    Many thanks, all sorted now.

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