Persian: Imperative Verbs -> Adjectives (بدرد نخور)


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Hi all,

I have noticed a class of adjectives in Persian which are created from the imperative (or what looks like it, at least), but I only know a few examples:
بدرد نخور / بدرد بخور (useful / useless)
میز تاشو (folding table)
I also heard recently: مثل اینکه او دکتربشو نبود (It seems like he wasn't the 'doctor type' / he couldn't cut it as a doctor)

Can anyone tell me how widespread this phenomenon is, and if there are more commonly used examples ?

Mamnun :)
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    The present stem of Persian verbs are used to form adjectives (very widespread) also the imperative.

    Other examples of adjectives formed by a noun + preset stem of a verb:
    اهنگ ساز, جهان گیر, آدم کش, مهمان نواز, خون خوار, علف خوار, پول دار, آشپز, دادگستر also تاشو

    There are also this type: بادبزن (manual fan) similar to بدرد نخور/بدرد بخور (effective, useful/ineffective)
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