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    Bara --> for

    Bara-ma --> for me
    bara-u --> for him/her
    bara-mâ --> for us
    bara-šomâ --> for you all
    bara-wâ --> for them

    All Afghan spoken Persian.


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    Bara --> for

    Baraiye-man --> for me
    baraiye-tu --> for him/her
    baraiye-mâ --> for us
    baraiye-šhomâ --> for you all (If you want to speak in a polite way to a stranger or whatsoever, you'd say "shoma" to him/her even if you're only refering to one person)
    baraiye-ona --> for them

    All Afghan spoken Persian.
    That would be Farsi.


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    Written Persian from Afghanistan is the same as written Persian from Iran; however, spoken Afghan (Eastern) Persian is different than spoken Iranian (Western) Persian. So bleet is correct with the listed suggestions.

    Also: Persian and Farsi are the same language (Farsi is the name of Persian within the Persian language.)


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    I've never heard it in my dialect; ever! :D Wayy too formal around these parts (I don't live in Afghanistan but I think you all get what I mean :D ).
    You mean peyqâm? But I have heard from Afghans of here who say it as payqâm. We also have these words from it: peyqâmbar -> peyqambar (has become peyqam probably for vowel harmoney), payâmbar. All mean "prophet; messenger". I doubt Afghans don't know such words.


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    In Urdu, pegaambar means messenger and pegaam is a message. I usually do not speak Urdu, but I do know that these words are used. Linguist would be the better person for a confirmation.
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