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Discussion in 'Indo-Iranian Languages' started by k8an, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. k8an Senior Member

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    Hi all,

    I have been trying to learn Persian for a while now but I am stumped for resources. I would greatly appreciate any information on learning resources for beginner/intermediate students (self-learning, with occasional help from native speakers).

    I have purchased the "Teach Yourself Complete Persian" CD/book, but have found it infuriating to say the least. As I already speak Hebrew, Arabic and Spanish, verb conjugations do not scare me - nor do I need 4 chapters devoted to one tense. Furthermore, this book constantly requires understanding of verbs, nouns and constructs not mentioned until far later in the book (or not at all). After learning the very basics of the language, this book becomes rather useless. I have enjoyed the "Easy Persian" online lessons website immensely, though I really prefer something in book form which would hopefully be slightly more concise.

    My preferred learning method is repetitive exercises, where one rule/construct/tense is used over and over again, building from easier to harder. I do not like reading pages and pages of theory - I tend to pick things up for myself. For any Spanish/French students, I guess what I am looking for is the Persian version of "The Ultimate Spanish/French Review and Practice" by Gordon and Stillman, or the "Practice Makes Perfect" series. I realise how unrealistic this is for a language like Persian, but anything similar would be greatly appreciated.

    I am considering the following options:

    Saeed Youssef - Basic Persian: A Grammar and Workbook
    John Mace - Modern Persian: Complete Course
    John Mace - Persian Grammar - For Reference and Revision

    I realise that asking forum users might be irritating, but as I would have to order these books online without examining them in person I would greatly appreciate user reviews from forum users (as opposed to those on Amazon).

    Thank you all very kindly.
  2. Qureshpor Senior Member

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    Hi k8an, I hope all is well "Down Under"!

    I do not possess Mace's book but judging from one or two Arabic books of his, I can say that it is going to be quite methodical and it will cover the modern language including its colloquial features. So go ahead and purchase it. Here is a glimpse of his "Basic Persian".

    Mace's book will provide you with the basic features of the language but I don't believe it will have too many exercises. For this, I would recommend to you a somewhat "archaic" book which will provide you with a description of the older style of the language along with much more detailed description. It has plenty of reading exercises and some of them quite interesting and at times humorous. Here is this book, its author being William St.Claire Tisdall, published in 1902.
  3. k8an Senior Member

    Melbourne, Australia.
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    Thank you so much Qureshpor!

    I'll definitely give that a try. I'm really hoping to make some progress.

    Thanks again for your kind advice!

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