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    I am looking for a less comprehensive Persia-English dictionary with core/basic words for beginners like me. Core/basic words, I refer to, are the words are highly frequently used in our daily life, newspaper, instead of words in literature, or sayings for advanced learners or native speakers.

    The ideal one is as below:

    1. Neither e-dictionary, nor online dictionary website, but made of paper. It is too tired for me to read it via computer.

    2. The smaller vocabulary with core words, the thinner book, the better the dictionary is for me. Around 3000-5000, or 5000-10,000 if possible. I don't need most comprehensive dictionary with usage in details. I want to make it as my word list only.

    3. The dictionary is Persian-English, instead of English-Perian. (It is great if it is Persian-English, and English-Persian. If no, I only want Persian-English dictionary. i.e. کتاب -book )

    4. Must denote pronounciations for most of the words.

    5. It must be compiled according to the Persian alphabetic order, instead of Latin order of the pronounciations. Yesterday I placed an order for Persian-English, English-Persian Learner's Dictionary by Yavar Dehghani, which has only around 8000 words, but I had to cancel the order because I found some users complained in that book Persian words s are compiled according to Latin alphabetic order of the pronounciations. If we don't know how to pronounce the word, how could we possibly look it up in the dictionary?

    Please let me know the name of the dictionary with the author if you know.

    I found a thread here that someone was looking for a most comprehensive dictionary, but on the contrary I need less comprehensive dictionay.

    Many thanks!

    P.S. I had a Persian-Chinese Dictionary but I just have trashed it because there are many mistakes.
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  2. Treaty Senior Member

    What about this book ISBN078180860X (Farsi-English/English-Farsi Concise Dictionary by Miandji)? I've not seen it myself, but its description was interesting.
  3. Daffodil100

    Daffodil100 Senior Member

    Thank you very much, Treaty. It seems it is the book I am looking for as a reader commented it is an extra for word list that is my main purpose.

    I found this book too, yesterday, and it is available in China, so I don't have to buy from overseas like Amazon.

    Some readers from Amazon have some negative comments on it, i.e. typos. If other folks know any other good dictionary for me, please recommend.

    If no better choice, I will take this book.

    Thanks again.
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    Persian vocabulary by A.K.S. Lambton is a bit old (1953) but it is very good, if you can find a copy.
  5. Daffodil100

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    Thank you very much for your GOOD recommendation. I read the review of book. It is exactly what I want for vocabulary purpose.:thumbsup: It is not available in China. And yesterday evening I have placed an order to Farsi-English/English-Farsi Concise Dictionary by Miandji from Amazon China. If M's book is not desirable, I will try to find a way to get A.K.S's book.
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    I agree! Despite its age it is still extremely useful!

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