Persian: Negar - Negaar - نگار

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  1. Shideh

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    I know a girl named Negar. what does it mean in English? is negar like "negaran boudim" = "we were worried"! I think not
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  2. arsham Senior Member

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    I think the word you're asking about is negaar, with long a. It's the present stem of negaashtan meaning to design; to paint; to write. Negaar itself is also used as a noun meaning painting or artistic design (hence negaar-xaane/negaarestaan for art gallery) and figuratively refering to a beautiful woman. It's not related to negaraan.
  3. panjabigator

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    Am. English
    Arsham, is this word related to the word نگرانی which means "custody" or "care?" It at least means so in Panjabi - I am unaware of its Urdu usages.
  4. BP. Senior Member

    gator the word you cite means 'to watch over'. nigaar is as arsh explained. You must have heard naqsh o nigaar - designs or patterns adorning cloth/buildings etc giving them xush numaaii or diida zebii.

    This forum sometimes helps some of us with nigaar e suxan!
  5. Faylasoof Senior Member

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    Precisley! This can be confusing for some. But as Arsham already said <It's not related to negaraan>.

    PG, <negaar> in Urdu is used more or less the same way as in the Persian original:
    picture / painting / portrait.

    Additionally, in Urdu we also use it to mean:
    beauty; even sweet heart.

    While in Urdu <nigraanii> = supervision / watchfulness (and <nigraan> = supervisor / watchman / keeper). Different from Persian usage

  6. Alijsh Senior Member

    Persian - Iran
    Negar-ân (nigar-ân) is the present participle of negarestan/negaristan (nigaristan). So, it literally means: watching, looking. And negarâni: lookingness, watchingness. Both usages are based on nice imaginations ;)
  7. BP. Senior Member

    Do I have the correct sense of the word as used in the Tajik song "ee (aye) negor e nozanin" -> O beauty of the vain lass?
  8. BP. Senior Member

    EDIT: question deleted, quoted couplet left as an example of nigaar's use to mean beauty or beautiful.

    خبرم رسیده امشب که نگار خواهی آمد
    سرمن فدای راهی که سوار خواهی آمد
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  9. Faylasoof Senior Member

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    English (UK) & Urdu (Luckhnow), Hindi
    Sorry BP, I don't quite follow you. Why should one not use the word نگار in this context to mean a sweetheart?
  10. BP. Senior Member

    Now that I think of it, it was a nonsense question. We can't contest why a poet chooses one word and not another in a verse. I've deleted the question but left the couplet as an example.
  11. n3g_r New Member

    The closest meaning I found to Negaar (as a name) is picturesque
    (I had to do a project on my name and I found this to be the closest meaning)
  12. Faylasoof Senior Member

    Plato's Republic
    English (UK) & Urdu (Luckhnow), Hindi
    Welcome to the forum n3g_r!

    Here is what I found in
    لغت نامه دهخدا

    [ ن ِ ] (اِ) اسم است از نگاشتن . (حاشیه ٔ برهان قاطع چ معین ). حاصل مصدر نگاشتن . (یادداشت مؤلف ). نقش . (غیاث اللغات )(برهان

    [ ن ِ ] (نف مرخم ) نگارنده . نقش کننده . (برهان قاطع) (ناظم الاطباء). اسم فاعل مرخم است . (حاشیه ٔ برهان قاطع چ معین ). و در ت

    [ ن ِ ] (اِخ ) یکی از دهستان های بخش مشیز شهرستان سیرجان است ، در مشرق بخش در جلگه ٔ سردسیری واقع و محدود است از شمال به ار

    [ ن ِ ] (اِخ ) ده مرکزی دهستان نگار بخش مشیز شهرستان سیرجان است ، در 24هزارگزی مشرق مشیز واقع است و 100 تن سکنه دارد. آبش
    معشوق محبوب ودلبر دوست داشتنی وزیبا رانگار می گویند

    نامی دختران است

    This is how we understood the meaning of نگار - as discussed above, except for the دهستان .

    As for picturesque, Aryanpour Persian-English dictionary has:

    Picturesque = خوش منظره , شايان تصوير, زيبا, بديع
  13. n3g_r New Member

    So picturesque is not off at all except for خوش منظره which is not really the common meaning of the word; however picturesque doesn't imply sweetheart, which is part or one of the meanings of the name. You'll have to say picturesque and Sweetheart together to somewhat send the idea of "Negaar" (even though the two words don't really go together)
  14. Faylasoof Senior Member

    Plato's Republic
    English (UK) & Urdu (Luckhnow), Hindi
    Certianly not off! What I was saying that picturesque is not the only meaning and in both Persian and Urdu it also means <sweetheart>.
  15. Negar2 New Member

    Hi everyone, my name is Negar!
    it's true that Negar also means picture, but as a girls name it means popular or beloved
    here are some other words related to Negar:

    Negar: idol, beloved, popular, pattern, picture------نگار: بت، معشوق، محبوب، نقش، تصویر
    Negareh: pattern, painted face.-------نگاره: نقش، صورت نقاشی شده
    Negarestan: painting workroom (or gallery)--------نگارستان: کارگاه نقاشی
    Negarkhaneh: idol temple, a house adorned with statues and patterns and pictures------نگارخانه: بتخانه، خانه ای که با نقش و نگار آراسته شده باشد
    * from Amid dictionary (فرهنگ فارسی عمید)​
  16. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    "nigaar" is also connected to the verb "nigaashtan" (to write) as in "naamah-nigaar" (newspaper writer/correspondent)

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