Persian: onjam ke bar nemidari khanom. mikhastam bebinam behtar shodi-help translate words and tone

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    I tried putting this into google translate, but the output didn't make sense to me. Could WF's fellow forum members please help me translate the conversation and the tone, please? Thank you very much.

    Person A: onjam ke bar nemidari khanom. mikhastam bebinam behtar shodi?
    Person B: Ghesmate khanom goftanet ro mipasandam...
    Person A: Merci khanom jon. By the way, Rozeton ham mobarak.

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    My home ;-) /The Persian Gulf
    اوّلي: اونجام كه بر نمي‌‌داري خانم. مي‌خواستم ببينم بهتر شدي؟
    Oh lady! Where are you to pick the phone up! I would like to know are you better?

    دوّمي: قسمت خانم گفتنت را مي‌پسندم
    I would like the part that you said "oh lady!"

    اولي: مرسي خانم جون. ضمنا روزتون هم مبارك
    Thanks dear lady. BTW, happy your day.
  3. Treaty Senior Member

    A: You don't [didn't] answer [my call] even there, lady! I [just] want[ed] to see if you've got better [?].
    B: I like [the way in] that part you said "lady".
    A: Thanks, dear lady! By the way, cheers for your [awareness] day!

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