Persian or Gujarati: Akuri


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What are the origins of the Parsi scrambled egg dish akuri? Is akuri Persian or Gujarati?

I know there is Farsi origin khagiina for a similar dish eaten by Urdu speakers. And I suppose anDay ki bhurji is the same thing, too, both similar to akuri. Does anyone know if these dishes are pretty much identical or do they have distinguishing features?

Lastly, I have only read akuri transcribed in English, how would this be pronounced correctly?
  • searcher123

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    As a Persian, Akuri is unknown for me. Also I should mention that خاگينه (Khagineh) is not a simple scrambled egg. It is scrambled egg mixed with date (in the main form), date syrup (شيره خرما) or grape syrup (شيره انگور).