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Is 'presume' like 'فضولی کردن' or 'جسور بودن، گستاخ بود ن'? It is different from a nosy person?
I don't wish presume, but don't you think you should apologize to her.
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    Is 'presume' like 'فضولی کردن' or 'جسور بودن، گستاخ بود ن'?
    kind of but not quite, 'presume' means, to take the liberty/to take it upon yourself to make a comment or a suggestion which may not be; appropriate, relevant or your place to make because you don't know the facts. By using it you try to appear sensitive/polite/thoughtful and also feel safe that if your comment was inappropriate you don't feel too bad, however there's no guarantee that the other party see it that way.

    فضولی/دخالت کردن provide the same sentiment but come with more humility than required. This is putting it slightly differently: ....حقیقتش کاملا با موضوع آشنا نیستم ولی, it could provoke a reaction so not sure about it.

    So if you can think of alternatives to فضولی/دخالت کردن (without putting yourself down) then you've got it, I can't think of one myself.