Persian: quorum - حد نصاب

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    If I am not mistaken, it is a formal and technical term. But is there any (formal/ informal) synonyms for that?

    Can " quorum " be used in classroom situations?

    For instance: We didn't have a quorum yesterday so the teacher dismissed the class. (Having number of students necessary to conduct a class)

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  2. puya Member

    Being 4 years in an English uni, I've never heard 'Quorum'.
    People could say: the class attendance is below minimum so the teacher..., but it did not happen either!
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    Yes, to both! Quorum (حد نصاب / اكثريت لازم براي مذاكرات etc.) is something we do use in English when referring to a class or a lecture. But as aaqaa-e-puya mentioned, attendance is the alternative term and would be the more informal term to use in everyday situations.

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