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    In Persian, raaz راز has two meanings: secret and mason (which I assume unrelated). Both usages are listed in McKenzie Pahlavi dictionary (the latter partially, however).
    In Hebrew (and Syriac Aramaic), רז (raz) means secret. Is it related to Persian raaz? If so, which of them is the original, Hebrew or Persian?
    In Arabic raaz, as an established root (r-w-z?), means "architect" and "experience"(?). What about this one? Is it genuinely Arabic or Persian?.

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    The Hebrew "raz" is loaned from Aramaic. I haven't found it outside the Aramaic part of the book of Daniel (which is believed to have been written in the Hellenistic period after the reign of the Persian Empire).
    "Secret" in Hebrew are: "סוד" (sod) and "דבר סתר" (dvar seter).
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    I believe both meanings of rāz are genuinely Iranian. Persian rāz "secret" is cognate to Skt. rahas-.

    Pahlavi rāz "building" appears to be a loan from Parthian and may be related to Pahlavi abrāz "high, superior, height," which is traced to Old Iranian *uparyānk- “above, high.” Arabic rāz "builder, architect" was likely borrowed from Persian.
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    Many thanks.

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