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    You seem to have two words for 'rainbow': رنگین کمان، قوس و قزح.

    Which is more common? Please give the exact pronunciation of both.

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    رنگين كمان (Rangiin Kamaan)
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    A side question: Simon has listed the word in his post as "qaus-o-qazh" -- I have run into people who use "-o-" myself -- but both Platts and Steingass list the word as "qaus-i-qazh" only, with no reference to the "-o-" variant. How do I reconcile this in my mind? Or is "-o-" a wrong pronunciation of the word?

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    This thread might be helpful. According to it and various dictionaries, the correct pronunciation is qaus-e-quzaH. qaus-o-qazaH might be a غلط العام. In Persian, the ق seems to be pronounced like a غ (depending on regions/speakers), so perhaps ghaus-e-ghuzaH...
  5. قوس و قزح بیشتر در ادبیات به کار میرود و کاربردی در زبان روزمره ندارد
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    In Iran we say:/ghows o ghazah/, Arabic
    /rangiin kamaan/, Farsi
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    قوس قزح is the word for ‘rainbow’ in Arabic and in classical Persian. It is a possessive construction, qawsu quzaḥa in Arabic, qaws i quza in Persian.
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    Thank you Alfaaz saahib, for the link. The "Ghain" pronunciation apart, am I reading the reply from "ImanAkbari" to say that the "-o-" variant is pedantic and used in literature, but not in the "roz.marrah"? (dar adabeeyaat bah.kaar mee.ravad..)

  9. Common language, everyday conversation
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    Thank you Iman -- rozmarrah is a common word used in Urdu also - I was simply wondering if I had translated the first part of your sentence correctly. Much appreciated, and seems like we now have 2 slightly conflicting responses -- with you saying BOTH are correct (one is colloquial, one is pedantic), and the other response saying it is "Ghalat.ul.'aam" to use "-o-".

    The common factor here then is that "qaus-i-qazh" is acceptable to both the respondents.
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    Many thanks, excellent.
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    There is also another word آزفنداک [āzfandāk] that is far less used than the other two. It was mainly used in Middle and early New Persian.

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