Persian: Reports of panic and mayhem


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Chicken Little sees that a piece of the sky falls on his head and warns everyone that the sky is falling. That cause a lot of chaos in tow. Now for the second time it's happening. This is what that is reporting in TV:

Reports of panic and mayhem are pouring in after yet another Chicken Little incident last night.
Chicken Little, animation

I saw meanings for 'mayhem' as:
چنانچه گفته شد هیاهو آغاز شد
there was mayhem when/as soon as it was said
Edit: In conversation & in keeping to its meaning, قیامت is used to describe mayhem, confusion and noise in crowded places, roads etc, (بازارِ شهر قيامت بود), it is also used to describe a (maybe an unexpectedly) well executed task (قيامت كردن)
Which one is used here?
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