Persian:rules for translating foreign names or places ?

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    The Chinese authories require to use Pinyin ( phonetic symbols with Latin letters for Chinese language) to translate Chinese names and places into English. i.e. Shanghai is the Pinyin in Chinese language.

    I am not sure there's such an official rule required by Chinese Education Department for tranlating Chinese names or places of China into Persian. I assume probably no, because a few people write and read Persian in China as Persian is not taught as widely as English .

    In my textbook, Shanghai is translated into شانگهای . Is there any rule to follow in Persian to translate foreign names into Persian?

    Shanghai, first a is a short vowel in English, but why is it a long vowel in Persian?

    Thank you!
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    You need to realise that nobody speaks Chinese in Iran. So Chinese names will be transcribed as they are (mis)pronounced in English or French. But there is a general tendancy to use ا for English/French "a", regardless of whether it is long or short.
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    Thank you for your reply. Then, I can translate Chinese names whatever I like into Persian if the pronounciations are close.

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