Persian: salam merci...

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    Hey there. Do you have MSN darling? For Christmas I got [I can't decipher the transliteration for whatever word this is], what about you?


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    Can someone please translate this into english for me, thanks.

    'Salam merci. Msn dari khoshgel? Mehmooni gereftim 4 xmas. Shoma chi?'
    it looks very irani persians.

    Salaam = hi
    merci = the french one.
    Msn Dari khoshgel = Do you have msn darling ( beautiful)
    mehmooni = Invitation.
    gereftim = got
    shoma = you

    chi = what..

    hi and how are you ? Do you have msn my darling ?

    i have got party for 4 Xmas. What about you.
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