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    a colleague I had worked with (and picked up some bits and pieces of Farsi from her) is leaving and we are going to sign a farewellcard.
    I would like leave following sentence there:

    "Wish you all the best for your future! It was great to meet and work with you. Take care."

    Can someone give me here please the translation in Persian scipt and latinized?

    thank you in advance!
  2. Aryamp

    Aryamp Persimod

    Well the translation can differ a lot depending on what language you want to use. Formal/ informal / friendly and intimate or polite and business-like. However I tried to incorporate all these and come up with a version that can be all of them more or less, While staying loyal as much as possible to your original phrase.

    Behtarinhâ râ barâyat dar âyande ârezu mikonim. âshnâyi va kâr bâ to lezzat bakhsh bud. movâzebe khodet bâsh!

    بهترين ها را برايت در آينده آرزو مي كنيم. آشنايي و كار با تو لذت بخش بود. مواظب خودت باش

    Pronunciation guide :

    â >> a in "arm"
    u >> u in "put"
    i >> ee in "keep"
    a >> a in "hand"
    y >> y in "yes"
    kh >> spanish j as in "juan" or german ch as in "nacht"
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    The word "BA'RAYAT" came to me, repeating in my mind's eye at dawn, the morning after I visited a Muslim Mosque for the first time. I am a Sufi Cheraga, a minister of the Sufi Ruhaniyat International, and wished to connect with the tradition that also loves The Beloved, the One True Source, Allah. Amazingly, there are very few sites in a Google search that locate this word. You seem to be one of the few that knows the meaning of this word. Thank you for any definition, source, references you may provide.

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