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    Dear members!

    I recently purchased a very old persian (it seems) samovar. I would love if someone could translate what it says on it!

    Thank you! фотография.jpg фотография (1).jpg
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    The word on the top line is almost unreadable but seems like ازن ... ( ?) <-- doesn't really help!

    The second line reads: برادران سماورچیان baraadaraan-e-samaavarchiyaan

    برادران baraadaraan = brothers

    سماورچیان samaavarchiyaan can be a family name derived from samaawar (=samovar) + chii (= suffix from Turkish used in both Persian and Urdu, denoting profession / trade etc.) +aan (= Persian pluralisation). BUT, I also know that -(i)yaan suffix is common amongst Armenian names so it could perhaps also imply an Armenian connection.

    Amongst Iranians, I gather, samaawarchii exists as a family name.

    برادران سماورچیان could mean "The Samaawarchiyaan Brothers".

    Let us wait for others.
  3. Treaty Senior Member

    I think it's not zn at the end of the top word. It looks like to me(compare to the pale colour of dents on s of samavarchian). I think it is (beh)sefaresh (ordered by/to). You can see a dot (of f) before alef. The whole sentence is:
    سفارش برادران سماورچیان
    ordered by/to Samavarchian brothers.

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