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  1. seitt Senior Member


    As you can see, there are two kinds of sink, one in the bathroom and the other in the kitchen:

    Please, what do you call each kind in Persian?

    All the best, and many thanks,

  2. Treaty Senior Member

    سینک ظرفشویی = kitchen sink
    روشویی = bathroom sink

    In old days they might have also said لگن ظرفشویی [lagan] to the kitchen sink. Please wait for more answers, maybe there are other words too.
  3. darush Senior Member

    Bathroom sink:دستشویی
    دستشویی refers to WC also.
  4. seitt Senior Member

    Much obliged - is سینک ظرفشویی ever abbreviated to ظرفشویی?

    Would you recommend my using روشویی for the bathroom kind to avoid confusion with the word for 'toilet'?
  5. Treaty Senior Member

    Yes, it can be abbreviated. However, it can be confused with ماشین ظرف شویی (dishwasher machine). You'd better just say سینک if you like to abbreviate it.
    Using روشویی is not widespread among older generation and rural population, though they will understand it. However, I think it will be a common word within a few years especially as it is more "high-class" and polite than دستشویی . Anyway, it is recommended.
  6. searcher123

    searcher123 Senior Member

    My home ;-) /The Persian Gulf
    Yes it is.

    I have not heard روشويي to now and it is so strange to me. Normally we will use دستشويي for both, because these two are combined with each other. Guests will not use ظرفشويي, so no one will guess a guest mean ظرفشويي if he say دستشويي كجاست؟
  7. Treaty Senior Member


    روشویی is probably introduced by architects or constructors. I frequently heard them (us, actually) saying it. The last months I was in Iran, I even heard a real-state agent using it. Although it can be originally meant to clarify دستشویی, nowadays it seems to be a class gesture by constructors. Well, considering other words that entered Persian vocabulary as a result of this "class" gesture, روشویی is not far from being a common word.
  8. seitt Senior Member

    Many thanks, most interesting. So have the constructors introduced the word روشویی to avoid the "indelicate" connotations of "دستشویی" (i.e. "toilet")?
  9. Treaty Senior Member

    I'm not sure. As I think now, it would be safer to exclude constructors as inventors of the term. A likelier candidate is sink manufacturers. In this case, it is quite understandable to chose more pleasant names for their products. In terms of style, it can be explained as they have shifted from the simple lavabo to larger sink with mirror and cabinets. It seems both architects and constructor are using this term in order not to be left behind.
  10. seitt Senior Member

    Much obliged!

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