Persian: Stop burning harmal, Granny!

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    On "خوش‌نشین‌ها", one of the grandchildren didn't like the smell of the harmal that his grandmother was burning.

    Please see:

    The only thing that is making me hesitate is that this page talks about seeds, but what I thought I saw was a joss stick. Here is a picture of a bunch of joss sticks:

    Does harmal exist in joss stick form too?

    Anyway, please let me know the most natural way to say “Stop burning harmal, Granny!” in Colloquial Persian. This is what the subtitles said.

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  2. Bonjour Simon !

    Huumm...:rolleyes: non ! pas autant que je sache !
    Peganum harmala est une fleur avec laquelle on produit les petits grains noirs.
    Voir :

    Traditionellement on met ces petits grains au feu afin de bruler les maux (le mal) ou pour périr les diables et les djines qui peuvent nous faire du mal
    Comme cette femme-là

    Mais votre deuxième photo montre plutôt quelques bâtonnets d'encens.en persan on dit اود "udde" qui a une très bonne odeur !
    Cela pourrait bien parfumer votre chambre,vos pièces etc...

    Bien à vous
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    My home ;-) /The Persian Gulf
    I don't like اسفند or اسپند smells too (my mom love it), but I will burn it from time to time for its benefits, specially in winter that cold is very common (اسپند is a very powerful antiseptic and antibacterial in any form -smoking, eating and boiling). There are many other benefits in harmal's smoke and seeds too. اسپند is a very familiar drug in Iranian traditional medicine. Albeit 'burning' is not accurate, Espand must be smoked on molten carbon to maximal benefits.

    Joss stick or اود (ood) is not from Iran. It is imported from India and Pakistan just for its smell (albeit its main home might be China or Japan, I don't know, but we import it from India & Pakistan). I love اود smell (my mom hate it!). As far as I know, اسپند is not used in اود combination, however, I'm not sure. I just can say اسپند is not produced in joss stick's form in my country. We use it just in seed form.

    As I told, اسپند is very emphatic in Iranian traditional medicine, so on lapse of time, its benefits are combined with some fictions too.

    And translation of your sentence:
    مادرجون/مامان‌جون/مادربزرگ! ﴿اينقدر/تو رو خدا﴾ اسفند دود نكن ﴿ديگه﴾!ا
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  4. Just for add :
    اسپند is a old name for اسفند like گوسپند for گوسفند
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    many thanks to you both, very good indeed

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