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    Hi all,

    I know there are a few ways to say "admit," but I am curious about how it would be translated in the context of this sentence:

    "For some, it's as if they are admitting that they can't speak very well."

    Is it اعتراف? As in:

    برای بعضی ها، انگار دارند اعتراف می کنند که نمی توانند خیلی خوب حرف بزنند

    Or might it be better to just say,

    انگار دارند می پذیرند که نمی توانند خیلی خوب حرف بزنند

    Many thanks in advance,

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    The first is better. There is my efforts:

    تو گويي بعضي معترفند كه خيلي خوب نمي‌توانند صحبت كنند
    انگار برخي پذيرفته‌اند كه قادر نيستند چندان خوب صحبت كنند

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