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    How do you say "to be freed on bail", please? This means that you are allowed to leave prison, but must pay money as a kind of guarantee of acceptable behaviour.

    My Aryanpour has "به قید کفالت آزاد شدن". Can this also be "تحت کفالت آزاد شدن"? Btw, how do you pronounce کفالت in everyday Persian?

    What complicates things for me is that I thought you used وثیقه for bail. A different kind of bail from کفالت, perhaps?


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    They are two different concepts. What you want (bail) is the first one "به قید کفالت" or "به قید وثیقه". Both of them mean bail. I'm not sure what the exact difference between them is. I found a weblog source with some explanation (the author claims to be judiciary official, So far I understood two differences (I'm not good at understanding legal jargon, so please don't be convinced!):

    - وثیقه is handed to the court (either in cash or documents) while کفالت is promised to be handed in future if something would go wrong.
    - کفالت is usually assured by someone rather than detainee, into whom the judge trusts and the case is not important, while وثیقه cases are more important and the judge will not risk.

    By the way, "تحت کفالت" means "under dependency" (like a child to a parent). I think it is also used in some cases when the detainee is under consent age, but not for bail.

    P.S. In that website, the author himself is not totally sure of the difference.

    کفالت is pronounced like /kefɑlæt/. We don't usually use it in everyday Persian (especially as bail).

    Good luck
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    Thank you so much for a superb answer.

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