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    Please see:
    “If people are singing from the same hymn sheet, they are expressing the same opinions in public.”

    How do you express "to sing from the same hymn sheet" in Colloquial Persian, please? I think I heard the following – please could you correct/complete it? It was spoken to a very authoritarian, angry man by his own brother, who is a little bit afraid of him.

    Here's what the brother said:
    ببین حاجی جون تو خودت می‌دونی که من طرف توام. همیشه رو به همون قبله‌ای غَش می‌کنم که تو نمازشو می‌خونی.​
    Are there any mistakes here? In particular, what is this verb غَش می‌کنم?

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    No, there aren't. The sentence is correct completely.

    غش كردن mean: "fall into a fit, swooning, faint". When we say "a person is swooning just in a specific direction always, that mean "he is a real fraud and if his/her good work is just because of taking a self benefit, not for God". For example:

    چرا هميشه سمت پولدارا غش مي‌كني، نه فقرا؟!ا

    (I.e. why your supererogation/defending/amour/etc. always is just for reach people, not poor people? I know the reason! Because you want to get their love and then eat some of their money.)

    خيلي بچّه تيزه! هميشه فقط ﴿اون﴾ سمتي كه براش فايده داشته باشه غش مي‌كنه

    (I.e. he will not done any work except if there is a benefit for him/her.)
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    Many thanks, a most interesting new dimension to غش كردن (for me).

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