Persian: undertakings often partake of the fantastic


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hi , what dose this sentence mean in persian? It is from "Birth of chess queen". I know meaning of each word but cant make a true sentence with them. appreciate if someone help me:
The most famous work featuring a sensational chess match between a knight and a Muslim princess was Huon of Bordeaux, written in French around 1230. It tells the story of the young knight Huon, sent on an impossible mission as penance for unwittingly killing one of Charlemagne’s sons. He is ordered to travel to the court of the Babylonian emir Gaudisse, kill the first Saracen he meets, and take away the emir’s mustache and four of his molars. Given this wild plot, Huon’s undertakings often partake of the fantastic. He gets away not only with the mustache and the molars, but also with the emir’s daughter.
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    "to partake of" means to join in/take part in/take a share of/to experience.

    In this context 'to experience' is the best fit, so " Huon’s undertakings often partake of the fantastic" becomes:
    کارها/وظایف هون اغلب دست و پنجه نرم کردن/روبرویی/برخورد با عجایب/چیزهای خارق العاده است
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