Persian: Unisex names


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Is it correct that, in Persian, some (official) names are used both for mena dnfor women? Wikipedia lists these: Arya, Azar, Dana, Nikan, Nima, Raha, Tiam, Yara. Are these commonly used for both sexes? Some of these do not seem very common or even Persian to me, but I may be wrong.

Thank you.
  • mannoushka

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    Hi, Bilmemki. The list is all of it Persian words alright. The ones I am not so sure about as being unisex names are Neema (boy's name), Azar (girl's), Arya (boy's, while Aryana is often taken as being feminine) and Neekan (boy's name). As for Yara, I have never seen it used as a first name.