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Cetorastin? Ma tha i âdras-az-internet yug aks pidâkadam. Tha Afghanistân mâ nâm baraz i "sâmân" nadârim. Tha Irân ci es...nâm dârin? I tha Pâkistân wa Endustân? Mara awâl betain aga sawâlem bad bâša. Tašakur.

:) Bâmânakhodâ y salâmâlaikum

(For transliteration, ci is pronounced as the italians do (CHI) and c by itself is also pronounced as CH. K makes the hard C sound and s makes the s and soft c sound. š is pronounced like English SH. Â is a long a as in fall and i is like "ee" in "wheel." Regular a is like "u" in "utter.")


How are you all? I found a picture on at this internet address. In Afghanistan, we don't have a name for this "toy". What is it in you have a name for it? What about Pakistan and India? Let me know if my question doesn't make sense. Thanks.

:) See you later and god bless.
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    ^I agree :D It's not like I actually knew how to say it. It's something you would look up in a dictionary. And even then, it would probably say something like "implement for jumping on" in Urdu/Hindi, just to have a way of saying it without using the English word. On these occasions, people do just use the English word.
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